Colleen Nelson



This is not just therapy, it’s therapy PLUS. It’s next-level potent expansion. With my trauma therapy expertise we will dig deep into the why behind your patterns and body responses to truly shift from the inside out. With my direct and unfiltered approach I will activate you to embody the change and shift your energy without needing to over process or unpack it all.

With my unwavering presence I will hold space for you to feel it ALL and fully arrive in your own potent power and speak truth into your life, your relationships and your business.



Expanding beyond talk therapy and providing deep holistic care. 

A 90-minute deep dive to uncover what’s possible for your life, relationships, and business, where there’s an opportunity for more expansion and growth, and how you can take an integrative approach to actualizing that growth.

The first step in unlocking your code to success.

A series of three 90-minute calls designed to dive deep, heal core issues, and uncover what needs to be cleared and shifted in your neurobiological code in order to take your life, relationships and business to the next level. This is therapy +, using integrative tools to expand beyond talk therapy and provide deep holistic care. 

Emerge more full, alive, and free.

A three month program designed to create a 90-day deep reset for your mind and your body. This reset gives you the chance to uncover the areas that need more integrated healing and inner expansion. This is beyond talk therapy, this is the next level therapy that challenges you while also holding space for you to process. Using EMDR we will clear your nervous system and reset in preparation for what you are wanting to create.

All In is for the woman ready to uplevel her entire life.

Who wants to rise to meet her expectations and deepen her healing at the same time. It is for the woman who is all in on her personal, professional, and relationship life. She is ready to build her own empire and wants support along the way. She is here for big change and deep impact. Enjoy weekly sessions to clear your nervous system.

I CHOOSE ME. is a monthly membership for the woman ready to choose herself.

Join for one month or many and give yourself the gift of commitment and finally “doing the work”. 
A year of becoming the one, a year of making the choice to choose your health, your happiness, your own agency of life. 

Not sure which offer is right for you?

Reach out to me so we can determine your goals and find an offer that fits your dreams and current lifestyle.