Welcome Lovely

I have an intimate question

to ask you

Have you ever started doing your inner healing and felt more isolated and lost then when you started?


Are you tired of knowing WHAT you need to heal

but not sure HOW?


How about a year long container to reveal, connect and celebrate among other women as you integrate your personal relationship with yourself and become your own deep love...


I'm introducing just that

"A high-level mentorship matched with therapeutic guidance"


Introducing shadow work


which is a relearning and an unlearning of who we are and who we have been taught to be.


It is a reintegration of our broken parts into our compassionate hearts and understanding ourselves on a level that no one can match. 


It is an acceptance and a surrender to what we need to heal and the step you have to take in order to mend the bond. 


Trauma bonds, unavailable partners, impulsive behaviors, lack of boundaries, reactive explosions, and addiction all come from subconscious and unhealed shadow selves


The path to that deep fulfilling expansive relationship with yourself, your partner, your career, your body and your sex life begins and ends with healing and integrating your shadow self. 

Each month


I will lead you through one archetype and unpack what it is and how you heal in each area of your life. 

I will guide you through the steps to integrate and no longer feel subconsciously pulled by this part of your inner work. 


Join for one month or the whole year, allow this work to transform you as you share alongside other women who are also integrating and healing their relationship to self. 


For an exclusive deep dive into your personal journey through each shadow archetype join my Integration Mastermind, a place for women ready for sisterhood and connections that go past the average superficial share.


A place to walk alongside each other and grow each step of the way.


What's included?


Each month attend a workshop unpacking 1 shadow archetype and how it effects:


✔️ Your body

✔️ Your sex life 

✔️ Your career

✔️ Your relationships


+ What you need to do TODAY to shift into integration and return to a place of choice


2 live coaching calls to personalize, support and join alongside each other is shifting our ACTIONS and clearing your nervous system patterns 


Private telegram message thread for consistent support and expansion, for those moments in between calls where you need accountability and a place to share with someone that just GETS IT 


I know


you’ve been craving a place to gather, to celebrate, to be in a relationship with women like you.


You’ve been looking for that hybrid approach, a mix between self work and business acceleration.


You want a place to speak the scary truth and be held accountable for the growth you know you’re capable of


Do you want a safe place to land when it all falls apart with people who get it and will help you rise back up and try again


Do you want a leader who cannot only hold space but deep in it, a leader who can activate your passion or at the same time make you feel emotions you haven’t allowed yourself to feel before.


Do you want a leader who’s going to expand you from the moment you say yes, but will also ground you in safety and clear your nervous system of past patterns so you can fully step into your true power.


Together let's



Heal your sisterhood wounds


Be in power amongst power 


Lead from a place of deep empowerment 


Each month we unlock a new portal through facing and integrating the shadow archetypes


High-level mentorship matched with therapeutic guidance


15 years as a trauma therapist turned coach creates a mastermind like no other

Not only do we see our sisters rise, but we also see them heal in a space that holds you, sees you and creates the pure essence of true belonging


Understand and discover and clear trauma patterns from your nervous system


Hold each other accountable in a way that only a deep commitment can create


A year long journey and they have said hell yes to change in radical ascension. Two women who have said I am done is playing small and I am here for the big shift

This is not just a mastermind 

This is not just a support group

This is a commitment to your ultimate freedom

This is a revelation of self and a unwavering expansion of truth


Join now for


✨ 1 archetype workshop

✨ 2 x mastermind calls 

✨ Private group thread

✨ A bonus 1:1 per quarter for YEARLY membership


+ Option to add EMDR


We will rise together

We will fall together

We will burn it down together

We will emerge wild, fierce and free .. together


Now is the time 


I have ✌️ reasons you should join sooner rather than later...


#1: Join before January 1st 2023 and get a 60 min 1:1 with me to prepare and fully arrive for the group starting in January. ($555 value)


#2: Go all in on 2023 and the year of facing the shadow and receive a 1:1 call with me quarterly ($2222 value)