Why Being "Too Much" Is Actually A Sign Of Growth

divorce identity relationships Sep 05, 2022

Episode Summary:

Today, I want to talk about being too much: emotion, depth, energy, drama, and darkness. Too much everything! This issue is something I had struggled with in my early life. However, after my divorce, I started feeling the same thing again. Not only have I been single for a few years now, but my circle of friends is also narrowing. I'm slowly and unconsciously left out. Our lives started moving in a different direction. I know my friends love me, but I realized that my life is different; my expectations and energy are different. I choose to spend plenty of my time with my rituals, spiritual development, and leadership. That's what matters to me. This episode is for anyone who feels socially or emotionally lost, but on the other hand, knows what they want out of their lives. Let’s dive deeper into this vulnerable theme, then let me know your favorite takeaways.  

Topics Discussed:

  • How Colleen’s too-muchness affected her early life relationships
  • The importance of healthy communication that is aligned with your growth journey
  • Thinking about how being too much is your most profound knowing
  • Learning the significance of NOT comparing yourself to others
  • The importance of knowing your life’s priorities 

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