When I knew it had to burn: My Divorce [Part 2]

codependency divorce relationships Jun 06, 2022

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let the Rest Burn, this episode is the second half of my own divorce story. I wanted to give you all a pause, even if you're listening to it back to back because there is a very specific split here for me. There is life before this moment and life after this moment, I reached a threshold, that there was no turning back on. So for those of you that are wondering whether or not you should leave, or if it's the right time, this episode is for you, friend. After listening, I encourage you to think about your threshold and what that actually is. I’m in your corner.

Topics Discussed:

  • Colleen’s moment of clarity when she knew that her marriage was over and she had to make the tough decision to get a divorce 
  • How Colleen navigated the new relationship with her husband and dynamic with her kids after asking for a divorce 
  • What bird nesting is and how it can help your kids through separation and/or divorce 
  • The importance of setting solid boundaries with your partner when going through a divorce and creating your new relationship 
  • Giving yourself permission to choose yourself first and set the expectations for your life, relationships, and future
  • Why Colleen has chosen to fully embrace being alone until she can find the right person who will hold space for her 
  • Believing that there is healing after divorce, that you can create a future that gives you the opportunity to be loved 

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