When I knew it had to burn: My Divorce [Part 1]

codependency divorce relationships May 30, 2022

Episode Summary:

Today on Let the Rest Burn, we are going to talk about one of the biggest let the rest burn moments in my own life, one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, one of the decisions I still question and the catalyst to the biggest change in my life – my divorce and the decision specifically for me to choose divorce. I say it that way, because I think it's very difficult to be either person, the person who gets told that their spouse or partner would like a divorce, and the person who's doing the telling, I cannot even begin to unpack the amount of emotions that went into this decision. But today, I am going to share quite a bit about this in case it might help just one of you.

Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding that divorce is not black and white and what this means for your own family and wishes 
  • Why divorce shouldn’t always be viewed as bad, and can be viewed as something that’s freeing 
  • The origin story of Colleen’s whirlwind relationship and marriage and remembering every relationship has a shadow side 
  • Knowing when you have to put your foot down in your relationships to facilitate change
  • Recognizing our own behavioral patterns and trauma responses as well as the effect this could have on others 

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