The In Between: Dating After Divorce

divorce relationships Aug 01, 2022
dating after divorce

Episode Summary:

I often record Let the Rest Burn in the moment, and this episode is no different. I’m recording on a Sunday night where I am finding myself in the in between – the place that is most difficult to hold your ground. What I mean by that is the time between the ending of your relationship and the beginning of the next one. Especially in dating, this is when you don't have any prospects when you're sitting in the space in between. How do you navigate this in a healthy way? Let’s talk about it together.

Topics Discussed:

  • The reminder of what the Sunday Scaries are and how this can be a trigger for harder emotions
  • What the in between is and how important it is to sit in this space and own what you truly want, even if it's scary 
  • The difference between what you want and what you need and action steps to take from there 
  • One of the most painful pieces of divorce – witnessing life alone and how to redirect this from pain to appreciation 
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms, including the permission to turn inward and witnessing your pain

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