Remembering Who We Are Post-Divorce with Mike Draper

divorce identity relationships Jul 04, 2022

Episode Summary:

I’m so excited to have Mike Draper on the show today, you may know him from his videos on Instagram and TikTok, but he’s here today to break down some pretty taboo issues when it comes to dating and life as a single parent post divorce. I loved hearing his perspective and the golden reminder that we have to let go of others perceptions and expectations of us. This conversation is so real and I can’t wait for you to tune in, enjoy!

Topics Discussed:

  • What Mike had to burn to become the person he is today post-divorce and as a single dad
  • Why we have to get really comfortable with not caring what other people think 
  • What Mike has learned from divorce and becoming a newly single dad 
  • Learning that there will be times we need to pass the baton in our relationships 
  • The importance of spending intentional time on getting to know yourself before dating 
  • Navigating the loneliness that comes with divorce and the “Sunday scaries” 
  • What it’s going to take for Mike to get to a place where dating can be a priority 
  • The differences men and women face when dating and after the loss of a relationship 
  • What a conscious relationship could look like in today’s age 

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Guest Bio

Mike Draper is a self proclaimed retired husband and has made a name for himself on Instagram and TikTok creating content geared towards single people who are navigating life after divorce, especially as single parents. He’s currently a leading mortgage broker, but was also in the Air Force for 6 years and a police Officer for 5 years. 

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