Just Because It’s Available Doesn’t Mean It’s Right

boundaries relationships Aug 22, 2022

Episode Summary:

I want to talk about something that comes up for everyone as they start to rebuild after divorce, after changing their business model, and after burning it down as a whole – that is the fact that just because something is available, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily for you. This is something that came up for me after going on a date recently. The date was great, the man was emotionally available, but there were just a few signs that made me know he wasn’t the right person for me. It’s hard to listen to this though, so let’s talk about it together on today’s episode of Let the Rest Burn.     

Topics Discussed:

  • Rethinking the thought in our business and personal lives that if something is available, then it must be for you 
  • How to build what you want to magnetize into your world after you’ve let go of what you needed to burn 
  • Learning to feel the energy that comes with the decision of saying yes, looking for the sacral yes
  • How to get comfortable with saying no to clients, to partners, to opportunities that aren’t right for you 
  • Why you should strive to live on the edge of growth

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