Burned and Learned with Sara Quiriconi

boundaries divorce relationships Jun 27, 2022

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Let the Rest Burn! I'm here with Sara Quiriconi who is an actress, creative producer and entrepreneur and a fellow co-author of The Blueprint to Divorce: a guide to becoming happier, healthier and wealthier. Today Sara and I are talking about the need to welcome getting burned just as much as doing the burning ourselves. Sara has navigated cancer, divorce, and learning to live life as her most fulfilled self and has learned many lessons along that way – which she’s sharing today. There’s so much to take away from our conversation today! 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why we need to welcome getting burned as well as the action of burning things down 
  • The power of rejection and what it means and why it’s a beautiful experience
  • The difference between rejection and self betrayal 
  • Why re-parenting yourself and setting new boundaries can be the hardest work you do in your life  
  • Learning through storytelling 
  • What made Sara want to be a part of The Blueprint to Divorce and what she’s learned from her work with Colleen 

Episode Resources

  • The Blueprint to Divroce (Book)
  • The Blueprint to Divorce (Course)

Guest Bio

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, author, host, creative producer and entrepreneur. As a cancer survivor, and resilient soul overcoming various health challenges early on, she’s an advocate of being a creator, not a victim, to create your own reality. Sara’s mission in life is to story-tell, impact and inspire with a legacy of empowerment that lasts far beyond her years.

Founder of Live Free Media, LLC., — specializing in luxury travel, well-being and NFTs — author of Living Cancer Free, and host of the motivational Never Settle Podcast, Sara truly is a dynamic character across many creative fields and a warrior of light.

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