Believing There is Life After Divorce with Emily Jones

community divorce relationships May 23, 2022

Episode Summary:

Hey, hey welcome back to Let the Rest Burn. This week I’m excited to have another member of the firsties on the show, Emily Jones. Emily is a realtor and a partner at the group real estate here in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a competitive tennis player, and an active philanthropist in the community, and is a single mother of two. Emily is the person I always go to when I need encouragement that life after divorce can be great, when I need a bit of positive insight. 

Topics Discussed:

  • What Emily has had to let burn in order to be the fullest version of herself today six years post divorce 
  • How Emily has let go of the traditional model of what a family is thought to be and how she’s confident in her new blended family 
  • The different ways that Emily and her kids have embraced family in the years after her divorce 
  • The new career path that Emily chose post divorce in order to create more stability and confidence in herself as a single woman 
  • The unexpected roles that Emily has taken on after her divorce as a single mom 
  • How to stay out of the victim mindset as a single parent knowing that kids are supposed to have two 
  • The importance of gratitude journaling, especially as a way to start your day
  • The benefits of learning to be present and not assign any outcomes to your experiences 
  • How Emily has built her business to be as successful as it is, as well as what she’s had to burn and the mindset shifts she has had to take to get there 
  • Emily’s inspiration to get really involved in the community and take up space in the world

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Guest Bio

As a Fort Collins native, mother, business owner, philanthropist, and full-time Realtor, Emily finds joy in serving others and my community. She loves connecting buyers and sellers, and her profession is an all-encompassing career and lifestyle. In addition to real estate being one of the best financial decisions we can make, Emily is a firm believer that everything starts and ends at home and home is a sacred space that should be celebrated.

After ten years in corporate event planning, becoming a Broker Associate & Partner at The Group, Inc. has become the highlight of Emily’s professional career. Her ultimate goal is to be my clients’ lifelong real estate advisor and with over 230 successful transactions, she is confident that she has the knowledge and experience to do that.

For fun, Emily plays competitive tennis, snow skiing, boating, cooking, traveling, and focusing on my family, including two children, Bo (10) and Lyla (7). She also enjoys giving back to local non-profit organizations. 

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