Colleen Nelson


is a Licensed EMDR certified therapist & Coach on a mission to help women access the next level of healing, growth and expansion in their lives by embracing a holistic, integrative approach to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

After working with hundreds of clients in private practice over the past decade, Colleen found herself frustrated by the limitations of traditional therapy, and recognized the need to go deeper with women in order to help them access and embody the kind of true growth and transformation they were looking for.

Now she coaches women all around the world in the Hybrid Method, a combination of therapy and coaching that activates, expands and embodies the growth leaders are seeking within their own work. She leads leaders towards learning how to step into their full power and potential, recognize and rewire their conditioned thought patterns, reconnect to their innate body wisdom, and awaken their feminine magnetism in order to call in the next level of life they desire.

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